The Vision Mission Journal

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

The Vision Mission Journal can be found here:

Acronyms[edit | edit source]

Acronym Page(s) in the Journal Stands for Notes
S.K. 8, 43 Stanley Kubrick The film director
AC 12 ? "Sign up for AC drug trial"
D.L. 30 David Lynch The film director
C.S.E.O.I. 33 Covert Subconscious Explosions of Imagination
OTTO 36 Over the Top Otto The skull
CT 41 Cross Trainers Shoes
C.W.O. 43, 46 ?
O.W. 58 Orson Welles The film director
H.G.W. 58 H.G. Welles
CI 58
HH 58 Howard Hughes The entrepreneur, aviator, film director
AFWK 65 Always Fun Work Kill
SM 67 Steev Mike
FV 84 Frank Vierti
MD 84 Mario Dane
PCP 90 Phenylcyclohexyl-Piperidine